Monday, July 11- Dev and Wyndel (Monster Dome Deck 10pm) Bartenders- Cole and Stew 


Tuesday, July 12- Carl Stuck (Upper Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Phil and Jeremy



Wednesday, July 13- Petar Mandic (Upper Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Michelle and DZ

Petar Mandic Wednesday

Thursday, July 14- Bob Anonymous (Upper Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Wes, Matt, and DZ

Bob Poster

Friday, July 15- Happy Hour Tunes- Bob Anonymous (Upper Deck 10pm) Wax Factory (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Radiotronic (Entertainment Lounge 10:30pm)

Bartenders- Tony, Michelle, Jeremy, Matt, Cole, and DZ

RadiotronicWax Factory

Saturday, July 16- Soul River Brown (Monster Dome Deck 10pm) Devereaux Band (Entertainment Lounge 10:30pm)

Bartenders- Wes, Tony, Kelley, Matt, DZ, and Dustin

soul river browndev

Sunday, July 17- Corey and Stacey (Upper Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Wes, Jeremy, and Phil

Corey and Stacey Poster Sunday


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