St Matthews Weekly Entertainment and Bartender Schedule



Monday, Feb 11

Frankie Moody  (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Audrey and Tony


Tuesday, Feb 12

Lauren Eid   (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders-Benny and Audrey


Wednesday, Feb 13

The Quinney Bros (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders-  Justin and DZ


Thursday, Feb 14

SPRK Acoustic (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Megan, Justin, and DZ


Friday, Feb 15

Cold War Hero  (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Trippin Roots (Entertainment Lounge 10:30pm)

Bartenders- Benny, Danielle, Justin, Megan, Tony, and DZ


Saturday,  Feb 16

The Kevin Cummings Band (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Naked Garden (Entertainment  Lounge 10:30pm)

Bartenders- Benny, DZ, Stew, Danielle, Audrey, and Tony.


Sunday, Feb 17

Kevin Jaggers (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Jessica, Tony, and Megan