St Matthews Entertainment and Bartender Schedule


Monday, June 18

Andrew Burch  (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Matt and Tony

Tuesday, June 19

Lauren Eid (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders-Benny and Matt



Wednesday, June 20

Amber Steele and Erik McKwen (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders-  Travis and DZ



Thursday, June 21

SPKR Acoustic (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Justin, Wes, and DZ.



Friday, June 22

Bob Anonymous Band

(Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bugzy Moran

(Entertainment Lounge 10:30pm)

Bartenders- Benny, Brittany, Layne, Phil, Tony, and DZ



Saturday,  June 23

The Kevin Cummings Band

(Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

The Dirty Church Revival

(Entertainment Lounge 10:30pm)

Bartenders- Justin, Travis, Hicks, Layne, DZ, and Tony


Sunday, June 24

Corey and Stacey  (Monster Dome Deck 10pm)

Bartenders- Wes, Matt, and Tony